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Pregnant woman can have poached eggs, because the bases of poached eggs is of the egg, all nurture that contain human body to need are qualitative, with the same reason that has an egg, so pregnant womanShanghai Long Feng forum

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Be eating poached eggs is very good. Pregnant woman eats poached eggs is to be able to be promoted fetal neurological and of growth growth, still can protect liver and the happening that prevent the disease such as arteriosclerosis, material effect, everybody can know outcome.

Can pregnant woman eat poached eggs

 Can pregnant woman eat an egg

Pregnant woman can eat an egg. The egg contains all nurture with indispensible human body to pledge almost, mix like element of protein, adipose, yolk, lecithin, vitamin iron, calcic, Potassium, be called by people ” good nutrient library ” . Pregnant woman eats an egg to have the following effect:

1, beneficial of be good at head wisdom: The egg is right neurological have very big effect with body development, the choline that contains among them is ameliorable the memory of each age group.

2, protection is hepatic: The protein in the egg organizes injury to have repair effect to liver, the lecithin in yoke can promote the second birth of liver cell. Still can increase amount of albumen of human body plasma, enhance the metabolization function of human body and immune function.

Can pregnant woman eat poached eggs

3, arteriosclerosis of prevention and cure: The home and medical worker use American dietetics the egg will prevent and cure arterial congee appearance is sclerotic, achieved unexpected breathtaking result, they from the egg1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, lecithin is extracted in walnut, pork liver, give everyday suffer from cardiovascular patient to eat 4 ~ 6 spoon. After 3 months, serum cholesterol of the patient drops significantly, achieve satisfactory result.

4, prevent cancer: According to the analysis that undertakes to mortality of cancer of whole world mankind, people discovers the intake of the mortality of cancer and Selenium becomes inverse ratio. And rich selenium element is contained in the egg.

5, defer consenescence: Many long life are oldForum of Shanghai night net

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One of prolong life experience of the person, eat an egg surely everyday namely. Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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6, hairdressing protects skin: Richer iron still is contained in the egg, iron element has hematopoiesis and the effect that carry oxygen and nutrient material in blood in human body. Face extensive of the person gives ruddy beauty, cannot leave iron element. If iron pledges inadequacy can cause anemia of the sex that be short of iron, make complexion decline of the person yellow, the skin also lost beautiful luster. This shows, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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The egg is one of main provision that defend skin beauty truly.

Although pregnant woman takes egg advantage great, but also answer measurable, if eat too much egg everyday, or rely on an egg basically to provide nourishment, not only won’t advantageous to the body, meet instead harmful, pregnant woman eats an egg to should not be everyday more than 3. Note:

Can pregnant woman eat poached eggs

1, soya-bean milk needs to thoroughly cook boil appear ability to drink, egg soya-bean milk can eat; together

2, the egg cannot boil; together with following gourmet powder

3, candy; does not eat instantly after eating an egg

4, after eating an egg, do not standShanghai Long Feng forum

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Eat; of meat of goose, rabbit namely

5, unripe egg, boiled water is added to wait to the egg in drinking unripe egg, beer, these have a way incorrect, because the biology element in the egg is harmful to human body, and these eat a law to cannot destroy biology element.

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