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Menstruation is common physiology phenomenon, usually, most female is met more or less in body of predecessor of forthcoming month classics occurrence unwell symptom, resemble lumbago, bellyacke, return some people occurrence breast to bilge painful phenomenon, some females are in when encountering this kind of phenomenon, often be how is knowing good, causing the cause with menstruation painful bosom actually is very much, those who have physiology sex, of sick still reason, perhaps should looking is menstrual shadowA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Noisy, need to check clear pathogeny first.

Forthcoming month aches via the grandma is how to return a responsibility

How is forthcoming month aches via the grandma to return a responsibility?

1, adolescent breast bilges painful: The breast bilges the first kind of painful type is a female happen when ~ is 13 9 years old years old commonly, after menarche, bilge painful meeting disappears by oneself.

2, breast of classics early days bilges painful: The breast of classics early days bilges painful, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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A lot of females can have this symptom, breast of the person that weigh suffers slight shake to move or collision can bilge painful afflictive. Because,basically be heighten of level of the estrogen inside the body before classics, the organization between the breast causes. This kind of breast bilges painful can disappear gradually after menstruation comes.

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3, pregnancy breast bilges painful: Pregnancy secretes the estrogen, progestational hormone, element that urge breast in great quantities because of placental, nap, cause mammary gland to increase, and generation breast bilges painful, the person that weigh can last whole pregnancy, this kind breast bilges painful also be normal phenomenon need not be treated.

Forthcoming month aches via the grandma is how to return a responsibility

4, postpartum breast bilges painful: Postpartum breast bilges painful because mammary gland is lymphatic,be retention, vein plentiful is mixed a qualitative oedema and mammary gland conduit not free be caused by, happen in commonly postpartum 3 days of ~ often appear 7 days.

5, artificial hind the breast bilges painful: If be interrupted suddenly in pregnancy,also can cause a breast to bilge painful, because level of the hormone inside body falls abruptly, make just the breast of development balks grow, cause mammary gland piece and breastA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The room is aching.

Forthcoming month aches via the grandma is how to return a responsibility

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6, the breast after sexual life bilges painful: After some woman sexual life alsoFall in love with the sea

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Can produce a breast to bilge painful, this kind basically is concerned with change of physiology of the breast when sexual life. The breast of this kind of circumstance bilges painful, the female need not worry, painful to bilging long period disappears alleviate, more and more serious even, when perhaps touching a breast, discovery has uneven, edge when not clear, activity spends poor bump, answer as soon as possible goes make a diagnosis and give treatment. Female breast bilges painful not be bagatelle, if encountered this kind of situation, cause besides normal reason outside need not be being treated, disease place causes the likelihood, must go to a hospital seeing a doctor, be worn for example or all can be clammy sorely when feeling, see a doctor in time with respect to need cure.

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