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This kind of circumstance is in spermary broken skin is commonner in the life, the briefs that wears especially is too tight, because the reason of attrition causes spermary to appear,defeat leather phenomenon via regular meeting, we should want to notice to defeatShanghai noble baby

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The sanitation that the skin is in is handled, prevent bacterial infection, especially often the circumstance that spermary place perspires, can use physiological saline antiseptic disinfection, and spermary burst compares serious need go to a hospital in time having hemostatic treatment.

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Spermary defeats a skin

Spermary gets hurt, see normally be hurt at be being kicked or contuse, perhaps ride from headroom falls cross an injury to wait. These injury, it is contusion or burst injury normally. The change that contusion causes is organization or cellular oedema mostly, after traumatic heal recoverable normal. Burst injury can make be born careful afterbirth is destroyed or eduction passageway block, bear with respect to meeting influence. Spermary injury, have the following kinds of cases commonly.

1, get hurt at that time pang, morrow returns to normal. This is spermary surface nerve ending relatively abundantSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Send, internal damage is little, do not affect bear.

Spermary defeats a skin

2, spermary gets hurt heavier, local spend gore gently, count subsidise of Queen of heaven. Injury fastens local damaged or hypodermic blood-vessel is injured, also do not affect after repair bear.

3, spermary is serious burst. Get hurt locate spot having blood, there is haematoma inside scrotum, achingFall in love with the sea

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With tenderness very apparent. Partial birth meritorious service is retained after the operation is repaired1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Can, although spermary of small number of people can cicatrization naturally, be changed because of fiber however and lose birth function completely.

Spermary defeats a skin

4, injury of some people spermary is not serious, but destroyed hematic Gao protective screen, make spermatozoon antigen enters haemal circulation generation to fight spermatozoon antibody, make thereby spermatozoon agglutinate or apply the brake and lose be fertilized ability, the influence is borne.

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