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Article introduction

Now need not a technology that the operation can finish, can let a female be below the situation that does not need any operation, need to take medicine to be able to end only gravid, but there also are a lot of notes when medicine flows, everybody does not suit medicine to flow, what additionally medicine flows is not complete may cause inflammation, possible still meeting causes infecund barren1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Circumstance, need special attention when medicine flows so.

 Medical shedding is met how

Relevant harm

1, cause inflammation: As a result of the gastrula inside antrum of the uterus after medicine flows the organization can be in that day eduction, sometimes eduction of gravid group fabric is not complete, uterine film instauration owes beautiful, vaginal haemorrhage time is longer, can last 2-3 week, even 1-2 month. Long-term and chronic exsanguine can cause anemia, make body strength drops. At this moment, bacterium often by vaginal retrograde motion, cause inflammation of the film inside bottle opener palace.

2, successful rate is low: From in last few years, a lot of because medical shedding is not clear, become clear palace operation to the hospital and bring about infecund, the case that causes inflammation of department of gynaecology cans be found everywhere. The Mi Fei that application sheds at medicine manages ketone is born ability weak point time of ten years, clinical trial is not quite sufficient still. Successful rate is only 75% .

3, cause infecund: Medical shedding is easy bring about oviduct to jam, palace neck adhesion, cause infecund; Medical shedding is sordid, clear palace operation is undeserved, cause likely also infecund; Palace of medical shedding two pairs and ovarian harm are too great, because this also is,cause infecundLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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One of reasons.

 Medical shedding is met how

4, iteration medicaments aborts, especially inside short time, it is specialSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Want to understand above all, use medicaments RU486 is progestational hormone suffers body Jie to fight an agent, through ” interference ” endocrine just acts well;

(2) ovarian after waiting for ” to disturb ” , be to need time to restore, otherwise happening of hard to avoid is disorder;

(3) damage the haemorrhage that medicaments abortion place causes is pair of bodies directly;

(4) as a result of local injury, bleed, resistance is low, still can cause infection;

 Medical shedding is met how

(5) medicaments itself is hormone, have after agreeing to be able to abort completely, ovarian inside chairman cyst, need takes capsule of cassia twig tuckahoe. NeedA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Those who emphasize pointing out is, many women especially single woman, often put in a kind of wrong understanding, think menstruation of medicaments abortion just like comes tide is general, won’t affect health, ignored of as a result takes significant contraceptive stepShanghai Long Feng forum

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; Once discovery is pregnant to ask medicaments aborts, some is done 23 times inside a year, apparent meeting damages health.

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