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Actually cervical vertebra disease wants to cure special difficulty on contemporary and clinical medicine, was thought to prevent the happening of cervical vertebra disease, also grind gave out relevant preventive. To the student a group of things with common features and disease of precautionary cervical vertebra must be paid attention to very much for office worker, becauseForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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These two crowds are the tall hair crowd that produces cervical vertebra disease. Among them cervical vertebra is held even if in last few years of the disease of cervical vertebra of a kind of precaution that people can choose squareFall in love with the sea

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Type, and what does the specific executive means that cervical vertebra holds have?

Cervical vertebra holds remedial method

1, basic pose: Before making each training motion, stand naturally first, binocular smooth inspect, double foot departure and shoulder are the same as wide, both hands nature is flagging, loosen all over.

2, before admire after Fu: Both hands akimbo, after looking up first, admire, at the same time expiratory, double eye visits a day, keep a short while; to lower his head adagio to prothorax place next, at the same time inspiratory, double soon. When making this motion, want to close a mouth, make mandible as far as possible clingy prothorax, after keeping moment, go up again issue thresh 4 times.

3, the face about that move an arm: Move sword arm first, pronation, carry the head inspects control, the body gets lost slowly left, keep moment. When face about, want to notice calcanealLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Rotational 45 degrees, body centre of gravity is forward bend, next the body gets lost again right hind side, when rotating, want slowly inspiratory, when circumgyrate slowly expiratory, whole act wants slow, harmonious. When rotational neck, waist, cannot turn as far as possible till, keep moment, after returning natural form, trade left arm again. And trade left armA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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When, the hand that drop should be pressed slowly along ear root below, after trading ace arm sameA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Redo, back and forth thresh 2.

Cervical vertebra holds remedial method

4, the left and right sides rotates: Both hands akimbo, first the head slow change direction left, at the same time inspiratory at the bosom, let on the right side of after cervical unbend, keep moment, again slow change direction left, at the same time expiratory, after letting left and cervical unbend, keep moment. Do 4 times alternately repeatedly so.

5, carry a shoulder to shrink neck: Double shoulder mentions slowly, cervical shrink downward as far as possible, after keeping moment, double shoulder loosens the ground to put down slowly, neck nature is extended, reductive and natural, sink double shoulder downward forcibly again next, neck ministry unplugs up extend, after keeping moment, double shoulder is loosened, natural and expiratory. The attention is shrinking crane while should slowly inspiratory, when staying, should choke with resentment, should make as far as possible when loose shoulder shoulder, cervical loosen. After returning natural form, again thresh 4.

6, the left and right sides swings: The head slowly shoulder of towards the left tilts, make Zun Er is stuck at left shoulder, after keeping moment, the head is returned medium a; next again right the shoulder tilts, likewise right side wants right shoulder of press close to, after keeping moment, in be being returned again. Control thresh 4 times so, need when the head swings inspiratory, in returning when slowly expiratory, do when holding double shoulder, cervical should loosen as far as possible, the movement is beautiful with slow and steady.

Cervical vertebra holds remedial method

7, wave Qu Shen: Mandible downward Qu Shen of ahead wave type, when making this motion, mandible as far as possible prothorax of press close to, double pickaback rises, mandible is bent slowly case, bosom1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Hold out before, double shoulder in the future moves slowly up and down. Want when mandible Qu Shen slowly inspiratory, look up reductive when slowly expiratory, double shoulder is loosened, do 2 times keep a short while; to come over to do mandible to extend Qu Yun to move again next, by go up downward when inspiratory, reductive when expiratory, positive and negative drills 2 times each.

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