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The body that after him official holiday becomes little, is about to observe oneself closely changes, after because this kind of symptom is in,be being caused sure it is to be able to cause various problem generation, and because him psychology square area is pressed,can producing this kind of situation is, orForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Endocrinopathy place is caused, no matter be which kinds of illness,the reason should want to be treated as soon as possible, ability can have the material effect of a suit the remedy to the case.

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1, to reduce weight excessive be on a diet

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, a lot of females reached slashing degree to the requirement of own figure, adipose content significance is great inside female menstruation and weight and body, had appeared especially the female of period problem should stop to reduce weight, strengthen nutrition, restore health.

2, work and rest is excessive endocrinopathy

The life of fast rhythm, the job of high strenth, if come up against every month a few days again, reckon a lot of females can be caught mad, if return the work and rest that keeps good carelessly right nowLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The rule, loosen the mood, create month of course probably little.

3, often give birth to fuggy psychology depressed

Female friend got subdue must not hold back is worn, from the point of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine’s angle, oppressed create liver gloomy stagnation of the circulation of vital energy very easily, make decrease via the quantity thereby. In addition, exceeding spirit stimulation, insecurity and psychological scar also can create month of course little.

4, induced abortion

After induced abortion ovarian and general oviposit function can restore inside 22 days, menstruation of left and right sides of a month comes wet. But a few female appears after induced abortion period is lengthened, periodic accident differ, amenorrhoea, be in commonly 2, return to normal after 3 months.

 Official holiday becomes little is what reason

5, ovarian function ebbs

Ovarian function is affecting the female’s menstruation directly, menstrual later period, menstrual quantity is little, modern medicine thinks mostly as undesirable as follicular development or concern without oviposit, accordingly, able-bodied and hurried oviposit, ovarian function is the main link with remedial month little course.

6, the pathological changes of bosom

A lot of females can appear the breast before classics bilges painful but the state of affairs with menstrual little quantity, to this but must not despise, bilge because of occurrence breast painful wait for a symptom, the likelihood is liver gloomy stagnation of the circulation of vital energy model, need scanty liver regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, arteries and veins of get through blood,

 Official holiday becomes little is what reason

Menstrual cycle is basic and normal, decrease apparently via the quantity, even a bit namely clean, or period shortens be not worth two days, classics quantity is little also person, call month of course little, say again classicsA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Water is acerbity little. Think classics quantity is little commonly at 30 milliliter, pass for the month namely little. This disease often is the van expression of amenorrhoea. Menstruation is too little but as unusual as cycle see, if period is measured little or later period quantity is little.

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