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Climbing is a first-rate outdoors motion, to healthy personShanghai Long Feng forum

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Group for, suit quite, some people climb look very relaxed, but some people climb to take pain to exceedingly truly, these constitutions that follow an individual and endurance have very big concern, but look be like climbing simply also have skill, how does that climb is ability not tired? What is climbed skill? Everybody takes to learn together below:

How to climb ability is not tired

Make good body building: If perhaps attend climbing mountain lesser higher at ordinary times,climb motion, so, a few warm-up are being done before climb is very necessary. Use namely 10, 20 minutes do exercise of extend of a few muscle, loosen systemic muscle as far as possible, the meeting when such ascend feels relaxed a lot of. Increase bounce action: Climb immediately up, increase action of a few bounce of purpose in each pace, not only save labour, still can make the person appears spirit, red-blooded.

Always do not look toward altitude: Always do not look toward altitude when mountain-climbing, especiallyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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It is mountain-climbing at the beginning of, because your double leg still does not have habitual ascend movement, upgrade looks to often make the person produces a kind of tired out move. Say commonly, climb immediately up, look reservation is in 35 meters in him ahead best. If hill road is abrupter, can make ” Z ” glyph ascend, such comparingForum of Shanghai night net

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Relatively save labour.

Prescind force: There always must not be hill to have many when mountain-climbing tall, mount the thing that still wants and so on of how many time. Do not no hurry unbearably, go to stopLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Ability experiences climbed fun, won’t wrongShanghai night net

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Cross beautiful scenery. When exhaustion, can view and admire the scenery all round more, also can sing sing, prescind force, tiredness is met somewhatShanghai noble baby

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Want to loosen downhill: Must control oneself footstep downhill, must not rush too quickly, get hurt very easily so. In the meantime, the attention loosens the muscle of knee place, stretch tight too closely the pressure with can articulatory to leg ministry larger generation, make muscle fatigue.

Above introduced climbed a few skill for everybody, such climbing can let us feel a bit more relaxed, won’t feel so tired, climb can have strong anything resembling a tendon or vein the action of be good at bone, also can accelerate haemal circulation, stimulative metabolism withers, what the body that invites us changes is more healthy, but climb belong to athletic intensity to compare a tall kind, body unwell crowd wants do according to one’s abilities.

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