Blizzard ” furnace stone is fabulous ” ancient god inferior evil spirit snake of sea of horror of extremely complete original painting

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” furnace stone is fabulous ” the 3rd data piece the 4 great ancient minds in antediluvian magical murmur had been announced entirely came out, recently, blizzard announced among them the strongest ancient god inferior evil spirit extremely original painting, look together inferior evil spirit extremely complete about.

Inferior evil spirit extremely as the strongest ancient god, had not come on stage to be hanged in game. In the battle of Tai Tan and ancient god, be held to explode by Oman Su Er, body scattered to the earth’s surface to pollute Pandaliya, in demon animal world, small growl is absorbed inferior evil spirit extremely the force of the heart, become the final BOSS of 5.4 version.

Inferior evil spirit extremely the upper part of the body is figure of evil spirit demon, looking is of anger evil spirit be proud evil spirit the enlarge edition of these evil spirit demon, below half body is body of long sea snake. The feeling is the sea monster of the North sea of edition of evil spirit demon.

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