” dead island: Culminating edition ” picture of exposure of scheme of new high-definition cut promotes greatly character

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At the beginning of this year March when, shopkeeper exposure ” dead island: Culminating edition (Dead Island: Definitive Collection) ” game, land PS4 and Xbox One platform, be confirmed to be true by official Deep Silver later, affirm will on May 31 put on sale.

Culminating edition game besides what before collecting, Techland develops ” dead island ” and ” dead island: Lotic ” outside, still collected 16 brand-new game ” dead island: Primitive avenge ” .

” dead island ” culminating edition and ” dead island: Lotic ” culminating edition is before go up the high-definition refashion of version of for generations mainframe, bring complete DLC and game patch. Express according to Deep Silver, PS4 and XB1 edition game will bring high quality material to stick a graph character, truer illumination system, physical apply colours to a drawing, after fighting toothed processing enhance edition picture quality, game role model also is able to improve. Still have HBAO in addition, trends is ambiguous, the character such as the game UI after upgrading. PS4 and XB1 edition support are most 4 people are online cooperate.

” dead island: Culminating edition ” game price 40 dollars. You can buy the culminating edition of every game alone, price 20 dollars, buy alone nevertheless won’t send 16 game ” dead island: Primitive avenge ” .

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