Guo Yu does not have total coach Zhang Jun 35 years first Xia Xuan lustre faces grim challenge

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Beijing time on April 27, national sports total bureau pings a center announce formally external, li Yongbo leaves off his post total coach of Chinese feather team, national group creates total coach and post of deputy total coach no longer, change You Xiaxuan lustre, Zhang Jun holds the position of group of singles of Chinese feather team and doubles group bishop to drill respectively, wang Wei holds the position of a country 2 teams bishop is experienced. This was 1982 since Guo Yu uses episcopal practice to be in charge of making first, li Yongbo v/arc be on the throne 23 years, guo Yu did not have total coach to will en上海千花网交友

ter new period nowadays. Look from advantageous respect, zhang Jun summer warmths ablaze lustre OK and more dedicated and respective domain, need not suffer more fetter. But if Guo Yu once the circumstance such as disastrous defeat of near future occurrence contest, team of Guo Yu’s drill still has the possibility that continues to be shuffled in the round.

Be familiar with the team is the largest dominant position

By 1993, chinese badminton bound changes blood greatly, the budding clique such as colourful of Li Yongbo, Li Mao, Li Ling, Tian Bingyi is entered advocate Chinese feather team, national group holds the post of when Li Yongbo deputy total coach. But Guo Yu of Hiroshima Asia Game confronted more humiliating issue again — they harvested bronze medal only on 7 projects at that time. Guo Yu had arrived at that time lowermost cereal, be defeated hardly the condition that what can lose上海贵族宝贝

, just lead to fell to come true to turn over greatly gradually in Li Yongbo subsequently.

Xia Xuan lustre enters national feather male single since October 2008, heretofore has had 8 years of many time, he witnessed Lin Dan’s Olympic Games to defend crown, took Chen Long to take Liyaoao to carry 爱上海同城对对碰

champion of meeting male single. Xia Xuan lustre is familiar with Guo Yunan’s simple case very much above all, know the condition of the brunt such as Lin Dan, Chen Long and actual strength, can in certain level admiral they had been used. And female one-sided is the thing that Xia Xuan lustre has a headache quite, short-term inside it is very difficult that sheet of Guo Yu daughter wants to have clear improvement. The Su Di that Li Xuerui expresses already clearly not to enter next month graceful cup, this lets undoubtedly original weak female sheet more one disaster after another.

Zhang Jun also holds the position of practice of Guo Yunan’s double bishop since October 2008, guo Yunan Shuang Zailun honest and Liyaoao carried gold is won on the meeting, also have meritorious service of Zhang Jun among them. All gets Zhang Jun now doubles this a gleam of, difficulty is how to let female Shuang Youming show improvement as soon as possible. Zhang Jun is two Olympic Games mix Shuang Guanjun, to Guo Yu for present young team member more the town gets site. Should transform the part of male before double coach, turn and will female double and mix double also give attention to two or morethings rises, zhang Jun has many congenital advantages.

Revive cup it is touchstone of new drill team

Mix to Zhang Jun for Xia Xuan lustre, more adverse one side is they work for a long time in Li Yongbo at hand, thinking is used to and teach concept hard to avoid won’t produce certain laziness and fixed pattern. In the period that does not have total coach, how to open train of thought, a few bold and effective attempts are made in choose and employ persons and training respect, this is the new task that is placed before them. The development trend of team of prospective Guo Yu’s drill may have 3 — 1, combat gains of Guo Yusu cup is good, and bright and beautiful contest also makes subsequently life good, do not eliminate Cong Xiaxuan of ping feather center lustre the likelihood that with Zhang Jun two philtrum chooses do new total drill; 2, contest military successes has Guo Yu this year window also has be short of break, upper section is more satisfactory to the current situation, xia Xuan lustre and Zhang Jun with at present this kind of identity continues to take a team to hit Tokyo Olympic Games; 3, bright and beautiful contest encounters Guo Yusu cup and the world this year accident, director branch undertakes readjust to team of Guo Yu’s drill.

Decide Xia Xuan lustre and Zhang Jun are in charge of singles and doubles respectively at present, have actually ” dimension is certain ” 爱上海同城

, ” transfer ” meaning, be apart from the Su Beikai this year to surpass time now after all already very close, ping feather center feels change a batch of coaches brash let their go into battle take a team to hit revive the cup is a little inappropriate. Because this is current the challenge before Xia 阿拉爱上海同城

Xuan lustre and Zhang Jun is very big, although they are right team photograph contrast is riper, but be apart from Su Beikai contest to be less than a month at present, how is the team adjusted as soon as possible, bring the top player’s morale into play as soon as possible, stimulation rises, these are the works that they need to be done instantly.

Common saying says, the army cannot be not had one day handsome. Without the match of international of Guo Yu go out for a battle of total controller, contain apparently ” expedient ” trace. Long-term in light of, guo Yu or the total coach that need to be in charge of as a whole, even if just assumed office like the Li Yongbo 23 years ago the sort of, set a deputy total coach first. Just current and character, xia Xuan lustre and Zhang Jun are res上海贵族宝贝交流区

ponsible Guo Yu’s coach two best person selected of specific work. (Red)

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