Lanzhou new developed area deepens reform to serve market administration to examine and approve time limit to shorten so 1/3

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Lanzhou of Xinhua News Agency on October 29 report (reporter Tu Guoxi, Liu Nengjing) recently, an investment makes an appointment with 1 billion yuan project to build in new developed爱上海同城手机版

area of Lanzhou of national level new developed area. This project used 45 weekday to get start working is permitted only. Finish when using, examining and approve was last year only 1/3 of similar item. New developed area of this delectable Lanzhou of metabolic profit from begins in the round deepen administration to examine and approve a system to reform the job.

According to introducing, in the project of be born of Lanzhou new developed area, examine and approve by administration bureau accept, one-time the data that informs the matter that the enterprise wants to deal with 上海千花网交友

and preparation, garden area is in charge of appoint whole journey of can affirmatory person specially assigned for a task does sth for sb, let an enterprise handle affairs no longer ” run leg ” . Administration examines and approve time limit also by 137 original weekday cut to 45 inside weekday, compressed nearly 2/3, the company invests a project to examine and approve item to also reduce 60% above, right side enterprise was decreased ” package ” , make the company can go development ” drive ” .

Gansu Province violet gold is industrial the group joins the first project that build in Lanzhou new developed area, early days formalities spent a year of many time. And the food thing that this they build sheds a project to finish阿拉爱上海同城

examine and approve used 45 weekday only. Zhang Zhanyong of this group president says: “The government sector is previously imprac新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ticable thing, our business runnings leg, handle affairs now much more convenient. Handle affairs now much more convenient..

The reporter understands, 2017 first half of the year, administration of Lanzhou new developed area is examined and approve bureau do a gross to amount to many 100 thousand, do knot rate to achieve ahead of schedule about 84.5% , do knot rate to be close to on time 100% , the spot does knot rate to achieve about 99.69% , administrative efficiency rises considerably.

In addition, lanzhou new developed area still began an enterprise to invest project acceptance to make pilot work, examine and approve 8 when include construction graph to be examined inside item of item instead acceptance, sign affirmato爱上海同城论坛

ry book by the enterprise, entrust the tripartite that accords with a condition to the orgnaization undertakes the technology is examined and be carried out by relative standa上海千花网论坛

rd independently, lanzhou new developed area is departmental the door is one-time deal with relevant formalities. The project that already completed acceptance to make an autograph make an appointment with at present has 11.

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