Fujian 9 Cheng Wei’s guests have at least 380 thousand power settle or live in a strange places double capacity month is entered tall

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Fuzhou 90 after break Mu Mu of painter of acute hearing network one individual body holds 3 duty concurrently, make offerings to once the story of 4 home reports cause reader heat to discuss. Power guest also rises to the industry digging gold that is obscured in the network surface.

Fujian has 380 thousand power settle or爱上海龙凤419桑拿

live in a strange place at least

Power guest is to show those pass Internet to change those wisdom, knowledge, ability, experience into the person of actual profit. The power guest of Fujian is numerous, according to some website the data of the statistic end 2013 shows, sell the home in the enrollment of this platform only in, the Fujian Prov上海千花网交友

ince has 380 thousand power settle or live in a strange新上海贵族宝贝论坛

places, in before the whole nation is ranked 10.

So, these in Internet backside concealing, the power guests that meet with work and client only, what is the the truth of sth. ? How to take work? The reporter launchs investigation from this, expose secret power customer for the reader this group.

Group Or individual

70% for the individual group selling the home is making trend

Power guest, a person, be still a group?

In fact, power guest can be a person already, also can be a group. After power guest concept put forward 2005, internet domain causes upheaval, power passenger group expands ceaselessly. In nearly 10 years, the compose group put oneself in another’s position of power guest evolves gradually, cent is 3 kinds, one kin上海千花网

d is an enterprise; One kind is to do poineering work model individual or atelier; Last kinds are a part-time job, working at leisure has the white-collar gens of professional skill again, the student that perhaps is reading.

Overall will tell, the individual sells the home to hold great majority, probably 70% is control. But the interest that sells the home as the individual expands, its also appeared rear the phenomenon that many groups cooperate. Individual power guest is on a lot of name is group power guest actually, now group power guest is a new trend. Home some is famous the staff member of power guest net says.

The power guest of dinkum individual goes up in network platform the amount is numerous, but competition ability is relative weaker, be washed out very easily, large sheet of very difficult perhaps make it. Leaf of F上海龙凤论坛

ujian power guest says, in her in power guest career of 2 years, from at the beginning singles fights today’s 3 people group alone, the force of the group cannot be ignored.

What learn in my university is animation major, graduation hind becomes customer of a pluralistic power accidentally, design Logo, calling card to wait to the client. But one individual force is too feeble, after the client raises a requirement, I am designed, wait for me to had designed a likelihood this bill has been fastened the home is taken. Leaf says, to improve work eff阿拉爱上海同城

iciency, she finds 2 colleges fellow student, establish power passenger group with individual name. Every month can receive their group now nearly 30 thousand yuan bill.

Current, the Fujian that does weller on our platform power guest, basically be group power guest. Home some is famous the staff member of power guest net tells us.

Pluralistic Or is full-time

Nearly 90% power guests are double identity becomes famous rely on individual actual strength

Investigation data shows, register on our platform in door there is nearly 90% in 10 million power guests is a part-time job. Home some is famous the staff member of power guest net says. She expresses, the threshold of introduction of individual power guest is not high, need to be registered on the website only can. But the has profit power settle or live in a strange place that should become a qualification, need professional knowledge however prop up, the integral quality of power passenger group is so higher. Major power customers have steady job in daily life, it is to use free time to become power customer merely. The power settle or live in a strange place that I know has a lot of is stylist, they are normally the job accepts the order after coming off work in the late evening, this staff member says.

Fuzhou some power guest joins power passenger group 4 years ago, basically receive the bill that Logo devises on power guest net, and the stylist that his own job is an ad firm. I am to use after coming off work and the time of holiday will become power customer, it is to come off work to sleep in the evening commonly between this paragraph of time works. Nevertheless I receive the only bottom line of monadlist to cannot affect my routine namely, otherwise I would rather be not received.

The power guest that holds two duty concurrently personally like its is not scarce, be like volitant heart is Fuzhou of some college big 3 students, also be a power settle or live in a strange place that has 3 years of experience at the same time, main side enterprise makes propagandist picture album; And the flower that helps client dub on power guest net, the broadcasting station that is a major broadcasts

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