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Hypertensive worry is worn of a lot of in old people, and to a few fat crowds character, it is more frequent that hypertensive happening can say, so patient of every good blood pressure, plant to thisShanghai night net

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The control of the disease and remedial problem cannot be ignored, should notice to know and had known what kind of sport after all between the life so, it is better to can you just help his fall blood pressure?

What carry kinetic energy falls blood pressure

Step-down moves pop chart

Not all motion has the meritorious service of step-down, walk only, canter, by bike, swim, the ability of motion having oxygen such as the companionship dance of slow rhythm and gymnastics carries this heavy responsibility. The following are worth to recommend especially.

It is a step-down motion that goes easily the simpliest on foot on foot.

Canter canter carry momentum is more than take a walk, apply to light disease patient. Insist for a long time to make blood pressure drops smoothly, pulse is smooth, digestive function increases, the symptom is reducedForum of Shanghai night net

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. Canter speed appropriate is slow, time by little at most, every time with 15 ~ 30 minutes advisable.

It is one kind can improve the endurance sex of heart lungs function to take exercise by bike by bike, can exercise muscle joint not only, reduce weight, well-balanced figure, and can aggrandizement heart, avoid high blood pressure, rise to prevent cerebrum ageing at the same time, rise neurological quick action. Every time 30 ~ 60 minutes advisable, speed moderate.

Shadowboxing practices the old person of shadowboxing for a long time, average of its blood pressure is the same as under what do not hit shadowboxing apparently age oldFall in love with the sea

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The patient friend with exorbitant blood pressure must pay attention to scientific cure, after all problem of such a disease, the harm that causes to oneself health also is bigger, if saying to discover when you him blood pressure is exorbitant so, should note the movement among these livesA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The result that achieves auxiliary cure.

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