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Be seamed in chest muscle even if inside chest muscle, take exercise inside the method with best chest muscle uses dumbbell namely, more and more males are in now fitness, the figure that lets oneself is better, seam in dumbbell experienced chest muscle have an advantage than other equipment. Male friend drills rapidly rise.

Seam in chest muscle, a pair of dumbbell is done calm

1, the advantage that dumbbell is having barbell and other combination appliance to cannot be likened to, Especially of interiorly chest muscle take exercise on. Chest muscle interior is hard to take exercise commonly, because people often will pay close attention to a dot to be put on the ply of chest muscle, and the advantage place that this is barbell and assorted applianceLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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In, practice through dumbbell however, we can be in obtain barbell trainingShanghai Long Feng forum

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Achievement while, the body each in-house fiber is opened. With barbellShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Photograph comparing, dumbbell takes exercise can make more muscle group participate in take exercise, to modelling a bosom model in making chest muscle, seam having the effect that cannot replace.

Seam in chest muscle, a pair of dumbbell is done calm

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, dumbbell lies push

Lie from dumbbell push an exercise to begin, arrive in shift when bottom lower dumbbell to make bosom does deepness drawing thereby as far as possible, next fast restoration, this can take exercise to shrink quickly flesh fiber, be you want accumulation sarcous place normally. Next, pushing to top part when, squash adequately and curve chest muscle, ensure let each fiber get taking exercise, the attention does not let dumbbell be come up against one case, the bosom that lets you can feel pressure from beginning to end.

Seam in chest muscle, a pair of dumbbell is done calm

3, dumbbell flyer

Undertake dumbbell flyer practices, flyer is the motion of very exquisite skill, lest hurt,must reach humeral ministry carefully. Although arrive in shift bottom when endeavor extend is very important, but the attention does not let an artifice exceed elbow too much. Once arm Zhang Detai leaves, can get hurt very easily. Doing when turning a chest, in flyer athletic shift reachs the summit ministry when extruding chest muscle, the attention does not let dumbbell be come up against one case.

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2 actions point should grasp on refine, the sufficient drawing of the extruding of bosom and bosom. And dumbbell takes exercise can very good explanation is seamed in chest muscle this at 2 o’clock. The movement of dumbbell experienced bosom has dumbbell to lie push and dumbbell flyer.

Practice through these, in coping when extruding, in bottom when extend, these mid chest muscle that can let you gain new power, let what your thorax obtains better balance and depth take exercise.

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