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Article introduction

Horizontal bar and parallel bars are the equipment of commonner fitness, also be one of projects of man athletics gymnastics, between the process of the fitness that undertakes horizontal bar parallel bars, must master the essentials of a few movements, as some of simple action must be taken for abecedarian, avoid sarcous loss, avoid to cause healthy cause undesirable effect, its behavioral demand is taller, say so should successive.

 How odd parallel bars is experienced

One, parallel bars straight arm is propped up

Exercise place: The flesh of whole arm group, abdomen of humeral joint, waist.

Movement: Two tactics straight arm opens thick line, hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, two legs and approach, tiptoe stretchs tight straight. But on preexistence low parallel bars, two arms maintain bar to move ahead, support ability in order to increase.

 How odd parallel bars is experienced

2, hang an arm to maintain

Exercise place: The flesh of the arm group, the shoulder is articulatory.

Movement: Two arms bend the level hangs bar, two tactics is applied outwards a bit hold thick line, body nature is flagging.

3, the Qu Ticheng that hang an arm

Exercise place: Abdominal muscle

Movement: Hang an arm, two arms press thick line, after thing upper part of the body first, admire, before driving two legs, place, receive an abdomen to lift a leg to bend coxa next, repeat 8 ~ 8 times. Can do on preexistence mat receive an abdomen to lift leg and situp to assist an exercise, in order to enhance abdominal muscle power.


1. The speed of transfer to a lower level wants slow, reduce as far as possible.

2. The body cannot optional rock, want to poise.

3. The action is completed in wanting to swing in the around of the body.

4. initiative exerciseA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Person force not beautiful, can choose the life furniture such as pew, bed, adopt similar action to undertake (because the foot steps on the ground but bear of bring down weight) .

4, prop up swing

First straight arm is propped up, begin to swing next, the two arms when swinging want unbend, it is an axis with the shoulder, extent by small arrive big. When be being placed before, accomplish send coxa, tiptoe is far extend. After perpendicular place been place after thing upper part of the body, accelerate a leg place fast, repeat 5 ~ 6 times. It is before bar, hind but each are pensile a spherule (with pectoral Qi Gao) , begin to swing from the pose that prop up, accomplish sufficient ministry to swing touch touch or prep above spherule.

 How odd parallel bars is experienced

5, hang an arm to maintain swing

From the Qu Ticheng that hang an armSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Begin, next body lap, after placing perpendicular place, head, shoulder is a bit flagging. When a thick stick is being placed after leg ministry, humeral ministry moves later, immediately leg following falls, place before two legs are active, repeat 5 ~ 6 times. When drilling first, can do the around that hang an arm to swing first, the Qu Ticheng that hang an arm is done after.


6, the bend one’s knees that suspend thick line shrinks leg

Two tactics is holding horizontal bar, hang down continuously all over below bar. Bend one’s knees, endeavor crus to shrink up case, arrive when apogee, straight flesh of thoroughly contractive abdomen one second. Next slowly flagging crus, till complete unbend. Shrink when removing crus inspiratory, when descending expiratory. Shrink when removing crus, should endeavor to promote two genu up.

Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
7, pull-up

Exercise place: Classical back trains a movement, advocate experienced flesh back broadness, small arm flesh group, humerus after 2 flesh and humeral deltoid bundle auxiliary hair force. The width of broad to adding a back flesh is very helpful. If need to increase,load, can training barbell of the suspension on chatelaine.

Movement: Wide grasp, nature is flagging, the waist loosens with transfer to a lower level, crus can be in back across. Hold out a bosom, hair forceFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Have the upper part of the body quickly, until on bosom touchs horizontal bar almost, seeing the upper part of the body from flank at this moment turn over segment of a circle. MostForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Nod contractive 2~3 second high, control sex is reductive. Undertake next the next time movement.

1, bring body to use nose inspiratory, fall after a rise uses an opening expiratory.

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
2, the body does not shake, decrease as far as possible lend strength.

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