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Article introduction

Pig blood feeds material this kind to cannot be boiled too long perhaps fry too long, can appear otherwise aged circumstance, the reason that basically is the nutrient material sclerosis because of pig blood fries pig blood how to make sure mouthfeel is not old so and flavour delicious, with respect to need then everybody tries the way of article introduction. Pig blood this kind of thing is to be able to enrich the blood and compensatory iron element, to anaemic female friend dispute often suits porker blood.

 How to fry pig blood tender delicious

Pig blood contains iron the volume is high it is to enrich the blood beautiful is tasted

Pig blood also cries ” bean curd of liquid flesh, blood, blood is beautiful ” , ” day Hua Ziben is careless ” in write, pig blood ” heart’s-blood, cure goes straight towards pig to enrage ” . The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks smooth flavour of pig courage and uprightness is salty, put in classics of heart, liver ‘s charge, can enrich the blood raise heart, guard Jing is hemostatic, advocate the wind that manage a head is swimmy wait, still have alexipharmic Qing Dynasty bowel, enrich the blood the effect of hairdressing.

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Dietetics thinks, pig blood contains a lot ofC of vitamin B2, vitamin, protein, iron, phosphorSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, the nutrient composition such as acid of calcic, Nick, contain ironNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The volume is higher, and exist with the form of iron of blood red element, be absorbed easily to use by human body, be in grow the cooked food that the children of growth phase and pregnant woman or lactation woman eat some of blood having a pig more, can be short of iron sex anaemia in order to prevent and cure, the old people in preventing effectively contracts the disease such as coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis.

How does pig blood make gift tender delicious?

Should notice not to make clot broken after redemptive pig blood, the pig hair that eliminate minority adhere wears reachs foreign matter, unlock water to be ironed next, stripping and slicing is fried, burn or serve as those who do boiling water advocate makings and deputy makings1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
; is additional, cook had better want to use the spice such as chili, green, ginger when pig blood, in order to presses flavour, also should not be additionally a blood that use a pig is alone cooking.

Speak of the skill of cooking pig blood, pig blood is tender ability is delicate, and of pig blood old tender mixed new pig blood is how to be made about, if new pig blood holds badly in the duration in the process that make, boil for a long time old, fire became big have bubble, take the word of the fried dish again, how to fry do not burn give tender effect.

 How to fry pig blood tender delicious

Want when choosing pig blood accordingly much more advertent, look to whether have the feeling of rock, gently touch can have those who shake if cool like tenderer, the hole is had on 2 bodies seeing blood, those who have a hole is bad also.

When blood of pig of cooking coming home, had better be hind the blood that put a pig, conflagration wants to fry time when cooking food not long, the ability after the water in when heating boiling water, wanting to wait for boiler is boiling puts pig blood next conflagration heats boiling water again have pot.

Pig blood cookbook recommends 1: Leek fries pig blood

Pig blood is ironed with boiled water quick-boil, cool hind the caution that use a knife is cut agglomerate (the look is brittle, do not use too hold energetically) ; leek choose is good, abluent cut paragraph, green ginger cuts end; boilerShanghai night net

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Right amount oil is put in, jiang Mo is put after oily heat stir-fry before stewing is sweet, enter pig blood next, conflagration breaks up quickly fry, gush chooses cooking wine, mix fragrant flowered garlic next, transfer into salt, break up again fry a fewForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Boiler goes out below can.

 How to fry pig blood tender delicious

Pig blood cookbook recommends 2: Blood of bean curd pig boils Chinese cabbage

Strong character is rinsed clean, chop becomes small, enter cold water boiler, conflagration is boiled, continue to boil boil 5 minutes or so, fish out of; of purify blood water rinses the float foam of clean surface and impurity with hot water, enter high-pressured boiler, add the water that has done not have, add green ginger, after conflagration boils consummate steam, turn small fire continues to press 15 minutes, blood of pig of natural exhaust; and bean curd cut the diamonds of mahjong size, pig blood immerses in cold water, bean curd is boiled in the water that adds salt to slightly since float, fish out drop does moisture to reserve, hand of Chinese cabbage coping is ripped piece, side ministry cuts chip to reserve; has oily pot, explode sweet green ginger and anise, play dish side first, finish dish part of a historical period again, conflagration breaks up fry, add cooking wine and unripe smoke move flavour; to fry to Chinese cabbage molten, add right amount bone and boiling water, add bean curd and pig blood, conflagration is boiled, flavor with salt, turn medium baking temperature is stewed to Chinese cabbage soft sodden can.

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