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Article introduction

Tremella stews quail egg actually a lot of people had not eaten this cooked food, but what some nutrient material containing among this dish is very rich, in remedial rife disease can be used after absorbing, if feeling him body occurrence dropsy for example, can try to use this kind of dietotherapy to undertake ameliorative, the case that joins insomnious much dream also can alleviate gradually through eating this cooked food.

 Tremella stews quail egg

Classics is domestic and international clinical confirm, the flesh of quail, egg can assist cure bloated, fat model hypertensive, diabetic, anaemic, liver many cirrhosis of big, liver, ascitesForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Kind disease. With quail the place in the egg contains rich lecithin and cerebral phosphatide inside quail, be absorbed more easily than egg nutrition to use so. General the nutrient content of 3 quail egg is equivalent to an egg. Quail egg still is contained can fall the Lu Ding of blood pressure, come the material such as man. Accordingly, quail egg is the ideal tonic of cardiovascular ill patient.

Pharmacodynamics action

Much dream of neurasthenic, insomnia: Quail egg time takes 2 each, often feed effective;

Treat theory of anaemic, ill rear body: Quail egg 4, longan 20 grams, the seed of Job’s tears is 30 grams, big jujube 10, brown sugar 25 grams. Thoroughly cook quail egg first, decorticate stand-by, water is added inside boiler right amount, join longan, the seed of Job’s tears, big jujube to boil congee next. After congee is thoroughlied cook, rejoin quail egg reachs brown sugar, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

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Can edible. Daily take, use consecutively 60 days of;

Chronic gastritis: Quail egg 4, infiltrate in the milk of 250 grams, slow fire boil, morning and evening is fed 1 times each, mufti is effective.

 Tremella stews quail egg

Dietotherapy action

Pleasant of quail egg flavour, the gender is smooth.

Have benefiting gas blood, powerful body flesh of be good at head, abundant the effect such as lustre skin.

Quail egg is not moved to anaemic, hidebound, neurasthenic, menstruation, the patient such as hypertensive, bronchitic, hemal sclerosis has tone to fill the woman that anaemic to having, menstruation does not move action; , its attune fills, raise colour, beautiful skin function particularly remarkable.

Dietotherapy folk prescription

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Quail egg

Raw material: Tremella 15 grams, quail egg 10, rock candy a few.

Make a way: Wash tremella choose clean, go up basket evaporate 1 hour. Thoroughly cook quail egg with hot water1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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, shuck skin. Add clear water and rock candy boil with small aluminous bowl, candy dissolve, put egg of tremella, quail to boil moment a bit, remove float , fill become namely inside the bowl.

 Tremella stews quail eggA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Effect: Clear heat is alexipharmic, aperient and hemostatic. The patient edible such as constipate of dry of appropriate mouth dry tongue, defecate, haemoptysis, healthy person edible also has effect of the health care that prevent cancer.


Quail egg by people praise be a prolong life ” panacea. “

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