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The sort of dumpling is dumpling stuffing more more, dumpling stuffing is different the flavour of dumpling is different also, basically have leek pork stuffing and stuffing of Chinese cabbage pork these dumpling, everybodyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Can make dumpling stuffing according to his taste. Of leek pork stuffing making is need general this is both after chop, next mix is even, it is OK to join the dressing such as oily salt edible, everybody can try the way of leek pork stuffing.

Leek pork dumpling

1, should stuffing of pork leek dumpling put soy

The way that does not put also exists of course if having put way. The practice of common folk is many what do not put, the working procedure that because handle,rises compares heavy and complicated. Civilian practice is to had done what nod soy to flavor again commonly.

The word that puts soy is general it is OK to often smoke soy, mix dumpling stuffingForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Should putting soy basically is chromatically is mixed carry delicacy.

Leek pork dumpling

2, the practice of pork leek dumpling

Leek pork dumpling is now veryFall in love with the sea

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Much person prefers a kind when eat, leek can fill kidney Zhuangyang effect is very good, pork can complement the protein of the body, cholesterol, fresh pork is redemptive after be washed clean chop, can cut small diamonds, join salt of a few in pork, what a few gourmet powder makes pork sufficient is deliquescent, even mix cuts fresh leek paragraph, about 4 centimeters long left and right sides can, pepper, soy agitate is put together with pork equably join green, ginger, garlic, must great into pulverous shape, next Sha Shui of stuffing mix upFall in love with the sea

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Later, OK the stuffing of leek pork dumpling with fresh and delicate make it.

Leek pork dumpling

3, the practice of pork dumpling stuffing

Pork stuffing dumpling believes everybody has eaten, but this among them practice has knack greatly however, fresh and redemptiveLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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pork, want chop above all, the friends that if like,have grain state are OK shape of make it grain, join Jiang Mo, pepper, still have sauce, salt and gourmet powder are same cannot major general pork is put into the basin, agitate of suitable hour hand all the time agitate arrives meat stuffing, color is nigrescent, red is completely shirt-sleeve, after cutting leek, do not cutShanghai Long Feng forum

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Pulverous shape, the chopped green onion that can put on two spoon has such meetings more sweet, after joining Jiang Mo, an agitate, again the stuffing that has mixed put half hour left and right sides to begin a bag.

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